Chris Fleming – Illustrations


I ran through my old CDs the other day and found Infinity Land by Biffy Clyro which I quite like (although their first album is by far the best but it’s not really the point here) and hadn’t listen to in ages. Whilst listening to it, I looked at the album cover that I’ve always found strangely and scarily attractive. I remember I had a massive poster of the CD cover in my house when I was a student and it was the “masterpiece” of our shared living room at the time. Anyway, I tried to find out a bit more about Chris Fleming, the artist behind the cover. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to find much more than what seems to be an old student portfolio still hosted on Glasgow University website. Chris’s illustrations that are up there are really interesting though. I dont know if he’s still doing illustration nowadays or if he adopted a pseudo but I can’t find more about him. I would really appreciate any input if you’ve ever heard about him or his work… Thanks