Make The Girl Dance “Baby Baby Baby”

Video clip completely crazy making a massive fuss in France with hundreds of thousands visits since yesterday (around 300,000 in 24 hours)!! The concept is not that new, using naked girls and covering their parts with black rectangles. The concept is not quite new but the difference here is that it was recorded without any kind of trick (well they actually wear a “cache-sexe”) in only 1 shot in one of the busiest street of Paris (Rue Montorgueil). All that for… An electro-rock song “Baby baby baby” by Make the girl dance. The lyrics are apparently so poor (apparently cause I didnt even try to listen to it) that they wanted to hide it (so it worked for me…). That said, I dont especially like it in term of concept but I just like the fact they’re open about what they did and why they did it… Advertising for their single release on 1st of June!!