Bamboo iPhone Case – Laser Engraved


We’ve recently showcased the Macbook Pro wooden skins by Karvt, now come the Bamboo iPhone cases by Grovemade. There is something very interesting about these wooden cases and their natural looks, combined with the high technologies used in the iPhone. With the tribal style engraved cases, it almost looks like tattoos, making of your iPhone a very personal and singular object (which is quite paradoxal considering Apple sold zillions)… You can even send your own artwork through the website and they’ll produce you’re very unique engraved design on the case! A bit costly but it looks pretty cool! The Bamboo cases designed by Grovemade are available for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS as well as the brand new iPhone 4. By the way, HautStyle is not sponsored by Apple, Grovemade or Karvt. Just love what they all do! You can now view Bamboo iPhone 5 case laser engraved