Maciej Mizer aka Mosk


Right! It has to be said, I was a bit worried about starting this blog mainly because I’m not much of a writer. But seriously I realised today it didn’t matter that much! The thing is I do enjoy looking around on the internet, spending hours everyday reading blogs, seeking design trends, playing around with Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials… Crap! Whilst writing this last sentence I understood why my girlfriend and her mates say I’m a geek! Anyway, that wasn’t the point. The point was that I do enjoy it (being a geek) especially when this kind of work appears on my monitor… Another talented graphic designer with a flair for everything related to imagery. Maciej Mizer‘s portfolio contains Graf, 3D, 2D, photography, sketches, web design… Alright, one can be good in one domain but this guy is transforming everything he touches in gold! Incredibly versatile!! Everything is just spot on…. Thanks to you Maciej Mizer that I didn’t know before! I’ll keep writing and being a geek just to find someone’s artwork that can catch my eyes as yours did today!!