Hannah Campion – Fine art


Hannah Campion was exhibiting in the “Emerging Artists” section during the art fair. I had the luck and the pleasure to meet her in person and we had a very quick chat about her, her work and her cursus. She studied fine art at Loughborough University from 2000 to 2003. Hannah started exhibiting in the North East (South Shields) then a bit further away in a few group exhibitions in London. She travelled even further in the recent years with a solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in 2008.

Her artwork is generally colourful, intense and a bit unusual but it’s certainly what I like about it. She had a piece at the art fair that I can’t find on her website unfortunatly but it was astonishing. It was a metal panel with a black background and in the foreground some smoky, dreamy patterns, textures and shapes. It had tiny splashes of colours looking like the blurry images you see when you wake up from a dream and slowly open your eyes. The whole piece with the metal panel and extra varnish looked very shiny and vibrant! Loved it…

The only drawback is probably her website because it doesn’t showcase the true quality of her work, although I appreciate websites never replace the pleasure of viewing artworks in the flesh nor does it translate the impression you get from the real thing. All in all though, I was very impressed by Hannah‘s artworks and her personality too.